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You know those times when you feel like you can’t do something because you’re sick or you feel like you’re not up to it, or you just really don’t have energy for something, even though you really push yourself to do it?

And you wish someone was there to take it for you, or you wish someone would offer to help you in that moment?

Today that happened to one of my students. She had to do something, she was feeling sick, and yet we knew where we could find a last-minute (literally) replacement for her. Her friend gladly agreed and accepted the challenge, knowing that her friend was too sick to lead a prayer of the PA.

Being available, and being open to what interruptions may come our way is a great quality. I’m grateful when my students show me what it means to be flexible and reflect openness with joy to God’s little surprises along the way! …even if it is something nerve-wracking like leading prayer over the PA for all the school! It’s the little moments that are not so little.

Holy Spirit Inundation!

Holy Spirit Inundation!

Long time coming…and today was the Diocesan Confirmation Conference!!

Over 900 teens were included among over 1100 attendees, and the Holy Spirit was indeed present! My role consisted primarily of behind the scenes (arrive at 6:30am to setup!), planning, organization, and programming with the team of 8 who helped organize the Conference, and it was a treat to be a part of this blessed day. And I saw many of my students there!

Been planning since November, it finally happened, and it was all worth it. Confirmation is my favorite sacrament thus far, so my adrenaline was pumping, my spirit was on fire, and joy was all around me, amidst the exhaustion from a long, busy day!

Thanks be to God!

Gratitude – Day In, and Day Out

Gratitude – Day In, and Day Out

For most jobs out there, they’re usually everyday, except for major holidays, in which case, you may get a few days off here and there. When you work at a school, it can be a little different. While some who work at a school get summers off, others get abbreviated hours through the summer – nevertheless, there’s some time for a break! Which is a great thing. Rest is very much needed!

I have something like three months until summer, and as I reflect on my current role, I feel extremely grateful for the privilege I have to work with young people everyday, and work with colleagues that are knowledgeable, inspiring, and funny, too. Pretty cool! Of course, not all days are roses, and not all days are awesome, and stress and busy-ness is real, but still, the gratitude is real. Gratitude to the Cabrini Sisters for having formed me for the work I do now, and gratitude that I work at a place where my values can be lived out and shared.

When I worked in sales and marketing right after graduating college, it was such a fun time! I learned a lot – how to write professional emails, how to handle a sales meeting, how to use all of the shortcuts in excel, etc., but I also learned that selling advertising space was not what my ultimate call in life was to do. While I am not quite sure about many things, that is one thing I am certain of. Yet, it sharpened my skill sets, that I can now apply to other areas of my life. And for that, I too, am grateful.

At that job, I remember not getting a promotion when all of my other colleagues were getting theirs, and it took me a little more time until I got there…but I remember working my butt off for it. Hard work does pay off, but it did come at an expense…and it led me to realize that I didn’t love the direction I was going in. Thank God for discernment.

And yet, through it all, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about my role in the world. Yes, I have a job, but moreso, I have a life. And one life – and I have the opportunity to try my best everyday – in, and out of my workplace. Thank God for that!