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Day: January 29, 2018

Sunshine and Light

Sunshine and Light

My weekend was beautiful! God has been working in my life in truly amazing ways, and not to sound cliche, but truly, He has been so good. It was a pretty rough Fall season, and each day, I yearned for renewal and healing and a new season of life, and I am slowly seeing light and sunshine and what it looks like to be joyful with each new day.

Having a faith-filled community and friends that I can call upon for any time I am in need, is something I would have not recognized, were it not for these keen awareness that has been building inside and around me. For that, I am grateful. I am getting in touch once again with what I enjoy doing, what brings me joy, what saddens me, and how I can use this one precious life of mine to serve others and delight in each moment. Some days and minutes and hours are easier than others, but I am continually drawn back into this sacred space.

Gratitude has come in abundance in my life. I could not be more grateful for an amazing set of coworkers that I get to be surrounded by each day, family that I could reach out to at any given point of the day, friends that are only a phone call or a text message away, and a healthy life.

This weekend, I volunteered with students, bought myself a succulent, bought my LaLa succulent a home (“LaLa” is her name), took a nap, took a yoga class, then climbed. I felt strong, and I had fun. I went to the grocery store, bought myself some fruits, veggies, and all things healthy (my fun item was a box of snickerdoodle cookies), and made myself a delicious salad for dinner. I practiced my music for Sunday’s mass and called it a night. I thought to myself, “Thank you God for a day where I could enjoy the sunshine and do what I love doing!”

The next day, I got to sing at mass again where I was reminded of God’s amazing grace, drove over to the Farmer’s Market, ate a breakfast quesadilla on the sidewalk next to a super cute little toddler, bought a harness and some chalk, went to visit the women at the jail and brought them communion, ran at the gym, took a yoga class, then climbed. I came home and was grateful for a day full of goodness and light.

The readings we went over today affirmed and encouraged the women I met with. It was truly amazing to see how they made links and connections with what scripture was saying to them. It was a gift to watch their eyes light up, teary-eyed, recognizing that God’s presence was with them. To be in that space is sacred.

I’m not sure what could have made my weekend any better. Do I miss my dog? All the time. But I have been gifted with so many things and people, that when I continue to look up, I am continually encouraged and surrounded by so much love.