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Day: April 1, 2017

Made in the Image of God

Made in the Image of God

Today, I was invited to present a talk on Morality at a Confirmation Retreat for a local parish. Though the students were still trying to *grasp* the idea of Confirmation (those were the days!), I think one of the biggest gifts came for me personally, where I got to prepare my talk. Through my preparation, I reflected greatly on what morality means to me and what morality calls us to.

I asked one of my mentors how I should even begin preparing, and he said, “just talk about your beautiful life!” And so, that’s what I chose to do.

It’s amazing to me how when I sold coupons back in the day, I had to prepare my “sales pitch” word for word, line by line, so as not to forget any of the oh so important details and key phrases that will get the sale. Nowadays, when I share about faith or justice, it seems the opposite happens. I can’t seem to shut up and will go on and on, wherever the voice from my heart takes me! And for that, I am grateful.

I saw God today in the youth who were preparing for Confirmation. There are lots of questions, some uncertainty, and yet at least some teensy bit of openness. As long as there is faith the size of a mustard seed, I trust that God will take care of the rest!

Please say a prepare for the youth preparing for Confirmation this year. Holy Spirit, Come!