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Day: March 22, 2017

Right Relationship [ethical trade]

Right Relationship [ethical trade]

When placed in the right company, my adrenaline will rush, my excitement level will increase, and I am ready to get to work! That’s exactly what happened tonight, as our Global Solidarity Team discussed our upcoming Ethical Trade Workshop that will launch the Ethical Trade initiative in the Diocese. Catholic Relief Services has recently shifted their “Fair Trade” component to “Ethical Trade” and our Ethical Trade Ambassadors are ready to showcase this in a month. I’m so excited about it!

Rather than simply focusing on how to determine what is considered “ethical trade,” or “fair trade,” this Workshop will focus on what it means to be in right relationship with others, and how this is directly related to our decisions as consumers. What is the connection between us and the earth? How can we be in right relationship with others, while being conscious of our choices in this world?

I saw God today in the energy and enthusiasm in the room for these things that are so important. In a culture that is always seeking the most recent updated product, seeking the most flashiest, coolest, most cutting edge product(s), learning about ethical trade has drastically changed the way I view things.

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In this Lenten season, I am brought back to reflect on my needs vs. wants. I am brought back to think about the very hands that make the items I wear. While I don’t think it is prudent of me to dispose of all of my clothes which are not ethically made (probably an upwards of 90%+ of the items I own), I can certainly limit the amount of purchases I make, especially if it is not essential.

I am a work in progress, aren’t we all?! Learning more about ethical trade is so interesting to me, and I am looking forward to hosting an awesome workshop for our Diocese. More to come!