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Day: March 16, 2017

De Colores!

De Colores!

I became a Cursillista this past Fall 2016, and I could not have been more blessed by this experience. What I received on that weekend was unlike anything I had experienced before. I had been on probably over 20 retreats in my life (no, really though), but Cursillo was different for me. Maybe because I’m at a different place in my faith (per usual!) as an adult now, but I was able to embrace the thoughts and inspiration in a different way.

Coming back from Cursillo, I didn’t feel the “retreat high” as I normally would after retreats. Instead, there was this authenticity in joy that I felt streaming through my veins and spewing out of my body. Still, I can’t shake it off. And thank God for that! I remember the Monday I got back from retreat, and some of my colleagues had asked me what my experience was like. Some didn’t ask. And yet, I still felt compelled to share and encouraged everyone to go. I am blessed in that my sponsor is also one of my colleagues, and it was through her intercession and openness in sharing about her own experience, that I was able to also attend this life-changing weekend.

A couple of weeks later after I made my Cursillo, we had our first gathering and I was asked to share a reflection on my experience. It was such a gift to have the opportunity to reflect on my experience, and be able to share my experience with the other Cursillistas gathered. Fast forward to today, and this evening I was asked to give the Keynote presentation on my work with Catholic Relief Services and the social justice ministries I have grown in dedication to.

What a gift! I find it a great privilege to have had this Cursillo experience, and to be a Cursillista until I die. Wahoooo! It had been a while since I was able to attend an Ultreya (due to being out of town, or it just not working with my schedule), but coming together with my fellow Cursillistas yesterday was such a wonderful time! Though I only know a handful of Cursillistas, coming together during our monthly gatherings truly feels like being together with family I had just not seen in a while. What a great feeling!

De Colores!!