Rays of Sunshine

Rays of Sunshine


I have been reminded lately…over, and over, and over again…how important it is for me to take time for recreation…have fun…not pack my schedule, and take time to enjoy being in the company of people that I desire to be with!

Spent a great afternoon with some dear friends yesterday, and since the bf had Sherlock, I got to have some free time in the yoga studio, organize things, and catch up on things that I had been putting off. Friends are great to have. I feel blessed to have wonderful ones in my life. Like, the ones that actually get you…you know those? Yeah. Those. Thank you God for giving me space and freedom to do things like workout in a safe space, and be in the safe company of friends that know how to make me laugh and give me quality conversation when I need them.

On repeat this Lenten season, has been “Gracious God” by Jesse Manibusan. It’s a great song. Listen to it here:


1. Lead us, Lord, into the desert;
lead us through the wilderness.
Through this journey we will follow,
for we long to see your face.

2. In this time of sacred struggle,
in this time of sacrifice,
we rejoice, for we remember
that you lead us into life.

Gracious God, mercy is your name.
Redeeming Love, you give your life away.
Gracious God, we bless your holy name.
Receiving love, we give our lives away.

3. Lord, we hunger for your presence;
Lord, we’re thirsting for your grace.
When consuming all but you, Lord,
all we gain is emptiness.

4. Teach us, Lord: who is our neighbor?
Is it friend, or enemy?
When we welcome or condemn them,
it is you, O let us see.


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