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Day: March 4, 2017

Encounters at Starbucks

Encounters at Starbucks

No meat Friday!

My sister had an awesome encounter with someone experiencing homelessness, and she explains it here (taken from her facebook):

On my drive, I stopped at Starbucks. I saw a homeless man, not bothering anyone as I entered. When I ordered my latte, I also got a $10 gift card.
Then I gave it to him.
He asked my name.
“Hi Cheryl, I’m Nick. Can you talk?”
I said, “no, I gotta go to the bathroom then head back out.”
“Well come see me when you get out”
When I got out of the bathroom, he had made me this. Totally unsolicited. Totally unexpected. Totally kind.

Pretty cool. I think this is what Pope Francis was alluding to. We never know who will be in our midst, and just maybe sometimes we will be pleasantly surprised. Not always, but sometimes when we open ourselves to others, we may somehow see the world and humanity a little differently.