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Day: March 2, 2017

Community in the Spirit

Community in the Spirit

Confirmation is my most favorite sacrament that I have experienced thus far. So when I was asked to join the Confirmation Conference team to plan the exciting upcoming event, I immediately said yes (despite the fact that my schedule was already a teenyyyyy bit packed). There’s still for a meeting here and there, right? Well, fast-forward many months, and now the exciting day is in under two weeks. Woohoo!

One of my dear friends will be the keynote speaker and he will do a phenomenal job. The day is coming together nicely and I feel blessed to be part of this team. Though I do not necessarily work within a parish, I am happy to have been invited to plan the program for the day. We will have most likely close to 1000 people in attendance, and I already feel that the energy and enthusiasm will be powerful. Yes!

Our planning meeting this evening was pretty awesome. We had finished meeting and were packing up, when myself and two of the other team members just spent the next hour catching up with one another, learning more about each other, asking each other challenging questions, and conversing about our roles as young people in the church. What refreshing conversation! Seriously though, I don’t feel that these real conversations happen all too often. What? It’s cool to be Catholic? Talking to other young adults who are enthusiastic about their faith? Awesome. The conversation of martyrdom? I thought I was the only one who thought of such things. Nope – there are others!

God was there, and my friend reminded me that community just organically happens. Being used to a calendar with back to back meetings or back to back agenda items to get checked off, it was a really good feeling (for a change), to not have something to run off to. I continue to remind myself that the more packed my schedule is, the less availability I have to allow for interruptions or to be free with what may potentially happen at any time.

In that moment, if I did have something right after my meeting (which I usually do), I would have missed out on a perfect opportunity to see, hear, and be with some of my brothers in Christ. Thanks God for clearing my schedule that evening and for reminding me of some of the things that matter the most.