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Month: January 2014

Time in 2014

Time in 2014

For the longest time, I kept saying, “Oh, I need to blog about that!” or “I want to write a post about that!”

Well, as it turns out, three months later, I sit here in San Jose, with the realization that I can not prolong these posts any longer! While I don’t even remember what xyz posts are, I figured this is a good time to start up again. 2014 has started, I am in a new city, my months of transition have come, and are in flux…there are lots of exciting plans are ahead, no doubt. Of course, these are plans that I have, but as life has it, these may not necessarily pan out as I will have hoped. I am very well aware of that situation.

As I drove up to norCal from soCal with one of my closest friends last night, we talked about a number of things over the six hour drive: life in Chile, life in the Philippines, what the highlights were from 2013, what our hopes were for 2014, challenges and joys in relationships, the economy of poverty, transition, how we were going to live life now that we are here, and not there, international development and social justice issues, how we can be peacemakers in our community, life plans, our students, our new places of employment, and how we can make sure that we hold one another accountable to fulfilling our personal passions, desires, and spiritual growth.

While we have encountered a number of distractions along the way, and have allowed some of these things to get in the way, this new break in life provides us with the opportunity to start some new direction if you will. Not saying that these distractions won’t come again, cause they will…but being aware of them, at least!

It’s time to get out of the funk, take off the glasses of illusion, be bold, live out my passion, and bring my loving communities from around the world, together with me always. Being aware that the choices I make affect others, it’s time to dive deeper into the understanding of inter-connectedness. Looking forward to this new year, and seeing what I’m made of.