Consolation Blanket

Consolation Blanket



Upon my move to norCal, Sr. Grace, MSC mentioned to me that there was a St. Frances Xavier Cabrini parish up in San Jose. of COURSE! I don’t think Mother Cabrini would have let me get away from her presence quite yet! Good thing – she’ll be with me for life.

So, naturally…I made my visit, and felt consolation that one of my dearest mentor saint friends was going to be around and celebrated at a church and a school. yay!

At the church, I sat in silence in the quiet space (which was huge by the way), and tried not to get freaked out by the silence. At the same time, the stained glass window image of Mother Cabrini behind me shone onto the altar, and it was beautiful. A lady walked in, said some prayers on the kneeler to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and I continued to take in this quiet time. It was very much needed.

A move is stressful enough – transition is hard, and just like my friend said to me, “welcome to the secular world!” where I was no longer being welcomed into an intentional community like I had experienced with the Cabrini family through CMC and the last year, for the past three-fourish years. This was a new experience.

But, like, Sr. Terezinha would always remind me: “God won’t send you into the cold, without a blanket.”

I think having a parish named after Mother Cabrini is definitely a gift, and she is certainly part of my consolation blanket.

Here are some pictures:

Who/What is your consolation blanket these days? Hope you get a chance to look around and be grateful for today!


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