How’s Your Summer?

How’s Your Summer?


What are you up to this summer?

Scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, I’ve come across the following statuses on:

  • ¬†10-year HS reunion plans and invites
  • my political friends and activists congregating at the Capitol, esp with regards to DOMA and immigration
  • new jobs, new adventures
  • defeat by a groundhog
  • delicious treats (obviously)
  • newly developed baby bumps
  • days at the beach!!
  • (fill yours in here)

…and the list goes on!

Well, here are other things to consider for this summer or next:

Meet Clare, Me, Laura, and Brandon (from L to R)
Meet Clare, Me, Laura, and Brandon (from L to R)


One of the students I worked with last year at Cabrini College landed an amazing position as an intern with Catholic Relief Services at the headquarters in Baltimore, MD. For this Social Work major, working in the Advocacy Department at CRS, and working alongside individuals with a passion for social justice and dignity of the human person, especially in the international sector…is a dream come true!url

While others are laying by the pool, catching some rays (which is awesome by the way), she’s busy sitting in on meetings with USCCB reps, listening to stories of violence and peace-making strategies that are taking place in other areas of the world, and learning a ton as it relates to the international development sector.

Wanna hear more? Check out her blog, follow her experiences as a CRS intern, and be inspired. There’s always next summer to apply! Check her out:


Study Abroad (pick up a few credits!)

For the past few months, one of the students I have also had the privilege to get to know, has been raving about an awesome program he discovered, decided to apply to, and got accepted to! As a Comm major and recent Editor-in-Chief of Cabrini College’s newspaper, The Loquitur, this study abroad program was right up his alley. Talk about being proactive!

d0luf7ugwd3j0boyz6qzThrough ieiMedia (Institute for Education in International Media), Brandon will be joining a group of about 15 other students in Israel, where they will be meeting with members of the Parliament, several politicians, foreign correspondents, and former soldiers from the military who have organized for peace-building initiatives.

Before he left, Brandon mentioned how he will even be shadowing a social welfare reporter for the Jerusalem Post (the NY Times of the Middle East) for a day. Of course, there will be some tourism, 5-6 hours of class time, and hours upon hours of independent reporting!

Taking classes entitled, “International Reporting” and “History of Modern Israel,” while being in Israel will certainly provide him with a perspective and a unique experience that us US audience can not even begin to capture via our television screens and media outlets.

While interested in writing (and a great writer he is), this is also a chance for Brandon to improve his skills with photography and videography, working in groups and independently discerning the best way to capture and deliver a story.

Returning in a month’s time, I’m personally interested in hearing about how things went! The other students in the program are grad students, others from Canada, Australia, Europe, Bangladesh, and Turkey? This incoming senior in college is bound for great things in the next year, especially having had this experience. I know it.

Want to give it a shot? Want to learn more about this program? Here are a couple of links for you: – Multimedia Journalism Abroad programs – before they left, Brandon was given a book on social justice from the editor of Tikkun: dedicated to healing and transforming the world through an interfaith movement. Needless to say, probably up next from Brandon will be a writing position with this magazine!



Lastly, volunteering. What? Volunteer during the summer? How about volunteering just within a couple of weeks of graduating from college? Rockstar.

Laura, one of the sassy recent grads (who I love!) from Cabrini College, spent a week in West Virginia at Camp Kismet with  2 other Cabrini volunteers, a dozen from St. Peters, and other West Virginians running a camp for abused, neglected, or Idealist_logo_brushstrokesdisadvantaged children. The Alumni Assocation at Cabrini had an open spot, and so of course they invited Laura! Pretty sweet.

Working with kids ages 5-12, Laura and the other counselors swam with the kids, led arts and crafts activities, took Zumba classes, held a talent show, practiced archery, and they even had a dance! Moreso, they even had an anti-bullying seminar run by a guidance counselor and social worker onboard as well. Awesome!

This is a great partnership between Cabrini College and Camp Kismet, and I’m so glad a recent recent Cabrini graduate, Laura, got to participate in this opportunity!

Don’t have a week? Looking for opportunities to volunteer this summer? Conduct a Google search! Or you can always start here:

Search and Find Your Volunteer Opportunities – via

…and it’s never too late to start researching more long-term programs for the future!

Have a great summer!




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