what makes YOU run?

what makes YOU run?


hello all!

i apologize for the brief hiatus! things have been pretty busy around here since moving from the east coast, but i’m back! and i WILL stay on top of it from here on out! thank you for your understanding. 🙂

this entry is entitled: What Makes YOU Run?

before i left for the west coast from the east coast, i got to hang out with some of my PA favorites at the Broad Street Run. one of their friends, who soon became my friend, was diagnosed with cancer, and for the past months, has been undergoing tons of chemo treatment and long weeks at the hospital. after hearing about this, i had our sisters praying for his healing and recovery, and shared his story with other people i knew. no, i did not know him, but throwing out some prayer intentions for a friend of a friend was more than worth it for me. the fact that he was around my age too, left a mark on me, and i would always ask my friend Steph how he’s doing.

by the grace of God, he is starting to heal now, slowly but surely, though he’s not able to eat food that is delicious or “regular” to our standards. boo. but at least he’s on the road to recovery! please keep Ryan in your prayers as he was recently admitted and released to the hospital. his lung collapsed, so he is rehabilitating…

my last weekend in PA, i spent with one of my close friends, Steph, and this group of wonderful guys who decided to run the Broad Street Run. they aren’t marathon runners, in fact, the majority of them did not even train for it…but, for some reason, they felt motivated to run it. they surprised me at a goodbye dinner then we headed over to Steph’s and i met Ryan, my dear friend who is now recovering from his battle with cancer. better late than never!

at dinner, i asked my friend, ” why are you going to run tomorrow, when you haven’t even trained for it? ” he said, “well, i figure, if Ryan could battle cancer, i can use that as my motivation. we’ll see how i do.”

well, Team Ryan succeeded and finished with flying colors! with Ryan as their motivation, and running in his honor, they were able to make it. joy filled everyone’s hearts in this picture. it was really beautiful.


since that afternoon, i’ve especially been thinking a lot about motivation and intention, and the reason why we choose to do certain things….why do you teach? why do you work for justice? why do you go to church? what is your motivation for waking up early in the morning to drive through countless hours of traffic to get to work ontime?

it varies for everyone…but Ryan and his battle was enough for this group of guys to keep running. the battle continues, but please keep the prayers coming.

wherever you are on your journey, keep running.


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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you Crystal. Thank you again for all the prayers and support. I have a great group of friends that love and support me. I’m slowly getting better but that’s because of people like you that keep me strong and positive. I’m definitely going to keep on running and fighting. Thanks again for the love.

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