Gloria Catalan

Gloria Catalan


As much of an independent soul that I am, I am also very aware that I would not be where I am today, were it not for key people in my life. These key people are not all necessarily people I have known for a long time, but rather, they are simply amazing people in my eyes, doing wonderful, inspiring things. And so, I think it’s very important to share these people and snippets of their stories with all of you!

Sharing a cup of coffee, a phone call, or grabbing lunch with someone can give you a deeper insight into his or her life and/or specific experiences. While we all don’t have time for that (I know I wish that I had more time for that!) as often as we would like, I thought I would take advantage of this space and hopefully share their stories with you, that they too, may spark a light bulb in you! Just maybe…

And so, I begin!

My sister, Cheryl, Mom, and I 🙂

Gloria Catalan / Relationship: Mother / Occupation: Registered Nurse (for over 30 years!)

I was on the phone with my mom the other day and I asked her the usual…”What are you doing?” She had just come from the grocery store, and she started telling me about how wonderful this new grocery story was! She was rambling on and on about the fresh produce and all of its tasty organic options, and then she said, “No, Crys, it’s not too expensive!” That was in response to my comment, “Mom! That food is so expensive! Since when did you eat all organic?”  She then continued to say, “Oh, and they are so nice too.” I asked her what she meant, and she shared with me why…

She went to visit this new grocery in the area, right down the street from us, and said she saw the “day old” rack of food. Not only did it have produce that was still in great condition, but they also had other non-perishable healthy items.  My mom helps out at the church whenever she can (also down the street from us) and apparently she put two and two together, and approached one of the grocery store workers. (I thought that was pretty cool. Those moments are *KEY*) She asked them what they do with the food…”Do you throw it out? Where do you send it?”

The grocery store worker said that they used to donate the food somewhere, but they recently stopped doing it for some reason. My mom asked if they would be open to donating the food to the church. Hesitant, the staff worker said, “Well, you will have to talk to our manager…but, where do you want to donate the items?” My mom said, “Next door at the church!”

The next day, mom went to the grocery store again to meet with the manager, and within an hour, she helped coordinate someone from the church to pick up the food and provide all the tax-deductible information stuff with the grocery store. To this day, someone from the church picks up the food from the grocery store, and includes the items at our church’s food pantry on a daily basis. Every week, there are people from around the community (no, not everybody in Laguna Niguel is wealthy and filled to the brim with food and jewels, as you may be assuming of people from the “OC”!) that come to pick up some food for their families. And now, the local business does their part in helping to feed others as well. 🙂

Why am I inspired?

My mom saw a need at the church, and she saw opportunity at the grocery store. She put those two things together. My mom has a strong faith and serves others in her profession, but also at church. She didn’t just leave that heart of faith on a kneeler. I asked her, “Does the priest know you brought this great partnership to the ministry?” She said, “No. No need – the people will get their food. That’s enough!”

…And I just realized, tomorrow is Mother’s Day! How fitting. May you be able to reflect on the inspirations in your life, and more specifically, on the inspiration your mother or mother figure has been in your life.




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  1. Oh gosh!

    Thank you Crystal,

    Being a mother to 2 wonderful daughters is a blessing.

    God walks in front of us to guide us as long as we have the will to follow Him.

    Love and peace,

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