Skype with Sr. Terezinha!

Skype with Sr. Terezinha!


Tonight, I had the AWESOME opportunity to skype with no other than, Sr. Terezinha!! YAY!!!

Sister and I were long overdue on our skype dates, so it was perfect timing that we were both free, and able to catch up on life.

For those of you who don’t know who Sr. Terezinha is…she’s this wonderful lady:

Sr. Terezinha Lumbieri, MSC

Sister and I worked in the Philippines together for two years and we were virtually inseparable. Now, given my being in the US, and now her being in Brazil, all we can do is maintain communication via facebook, skype, and email – that will have to do!

Sr. Terezinha has been one of the greatest inspirations to my life, and she keeps it REAL. I still remember one evening after I ventured off to a parish by myself to lead a Confirmation practice, and Sr. T stayed at home. Afterwards,  I returned home, plopped down on her bed, and just started rambling on and on about the awesome experience I had, but not feeling completely satisfied, because she wasn’t there! In our mission years together, Sr. T and I formed a solid friendship and eventually as we started to get more busy with our ministries, we had to separate one another and fly solo. In a special way, I suppose I felt like San Pedro Calungsod, the catechist of a Jesuit priest. And so it is with Sr. T…she took me under her wing and did not delay in speaking truth and tellin’ it like  it is.  She is strong, she is vocal, she will speak her mind, and she frequently states these “one-liners” that end up being transformative wisdom.

missionary twins, separate by a number of generations!

Anyway, here’s the update! Sr. T is doing quite well! She has taken up swimming (i know, right?!) and that helps her knee to become strong again (she used to have knee issues). At the same time, she’s living with her biological sister, another MSC, in south, south, south Brazil, near Argentina. Cool, huh? In this town of about 60,000 people, Sr. T says, they are “super modern” and “they have specialists in everything!” Her ministry is comprised of…doing exactly the same things we were doing in the Philippines! Let’s just say, I was very jealous of her when she shared that with me! But, of course, very happy for her too 🙂

She serves in 7 communities (made up of urban and rural) and teaches catechism and sacraments. She also does formation for Ministers of the Eucharist and other ministries. Her sister is a social worker, and Sr. T focuses on evangelization. Good thing – they need their separate niches, as all siblings do! It was equally nice to hear from Sr. T how everywhere she goes, she sees people she knows! She was saying how she can’t even leave the house without running into a cousin or a classmate from way back when. Funny stuff! I’m not surprised – that happened in the PI also!

with Sr. T and Br. Fabio (now Fr. Fabio!) Yay!
with Sr. T and Br. Fabio (now Fr. Fabio!) Yay!

But, all in all, she’s doing quite well, and she continues to thrive in all she does. I would not expect anything less from her. Oh, how I miss our days together in the PI…when I think of the word missionary…she immediately comes to mind.

At the end of our convo, she said to me, “just follow your heart.” She’s the BEST!


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