CRS. Integrity. Stewardship. Relationships. Learning.

CRS. Integrity. Stewardship. Relationships. Learning.

A couple of weeks ago, a few of our non-graduating CRS Ambassadors had the opportunity to be part of a University Consultation held at the CRS Headquarters in Baltimore. Comprised of other local Catholic colleges and universities who held CRS Ambassador chapters or were looking to start one on their campus, there was great representation from faculty, staff, and energetic students!
One of my personal highlights was when I came to realize that the facilitator and organizer of the entire program was Lou – an Augustinian Volunteer who was assigned to USD while I was a senior on campus! Six years later, we were reunited on the east coast through CRS! Small world indeed, this world of volunteers and service organizations. It was great to see him!After exchanging ideas, best practices, and having the opportunity to share CRS Chapter experiences, as faculty, staff, and students, we then got to take a tour of the CRS Headquarters.

Basically…this was the Disneyland for any individual interested in International Development and Aid. Seriously. And, if you’re a comm major, all the comm equipment was an awesome added bonus! 🙂 This was a great little trip in the week, and I believe it gave the group an added sense of CRS Ambassador pride in representing Cabrini College. I mean, it did for me at least! Looking forward to seeing where the CRS Chapters make their next moves on college campuses. There’s lots of energy and great work to be done. I’m feeling hopeful!

So blessed to have had this opportunity to see where the “magic” happens – well, at least the backbone of it. Thank you Jerry for getting us home safely, driving us through a number of thunderstorms! Yay!

A definitely inspiring day.

Check out the pics:

Brandon and Emily presenting some of their thoughts…
Jerry was even included in Lou’s presentation!
After a packed day at CRS HQ, it was time to head out!
View from the top of HQ
Our fearless leader, Jerry!
In the “Situation Room” – the clocks. Amazed. CRS is everywhere!
Where CCGP and CRS hold their webcasts and other press-related events
Sue Toton and Jerry!! Villanova and Cabrini – TOGETHER!
Jerry loving the equipment. Of course.
Pretty day in Baltimore

And that my friends, was our beautiful day in Baltimore. We all need inspiration and motivation to keep goin’ and keep working for social justice. It was extremely enlightening to feel the energy in the room among the members of the colleges, and to realize that we are all working towards the common good to achieve social justice, peace, and change in the world. Support is GREAT. Yes! Onward and onward!


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