those in the background

those in the background

this sure makes you think about the people in the background. who are the people that grew our food? who made the clothes we are wearing? the bags we are carrying? who put their lives in danger to provide us with some of the everyday items we use?
this sure makes me think about the people in the background.
the life of a coffee bean. this community in yagyagan, benguet, showed me how they prepare the coffee beans, and then sell it to the canadians who come by to collect the prepared goods.

Who Baked the Bread?
Katherine Dale Makus

Who baked the bread
That Jesus blessed
And broke, and shared
That Passover supper, when he said,
“This is my body
Broken for you”?
Who made the wine,
When he passed the cup,
Saying, “This is my blood,
The blood of the covenant,
Shed for you and for many.
The fruit of the vine
I shall not taste again
Until I taste it new
In the Kingdom of God”?
Who made the wine?

Was it a woman who tended the vine,
Pressed the grapes, and made the wine;
Who planted the field, threshed the wheat,
And baked the bread for others to eat?

And afterwards, did a woman come
To clear the cup; to mop,
Perhaps, a single careless drop
Of wine, of God’s blood shed;
To gather every scattered crumb
Of broken body, broken bread?

Did a woman, coming to clean the room,
Find grace in the fragments left behind,
As women, later, would come to find
An angel and an empty tomb?

Source: Daughters of Sarah (Mar-Apr 1988)


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