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Day: March 25, 2013

easter is my favorite!

easter is my favorite!

ok…soooooo it’s HOLY WEEK!

found this gem that i made 3 years ago…learn about the Pabasa ng Pasyon…one of my most favorite Filipino traditions. 🙂 enjoy!


my easter chronicles:
three years ago, i spent easter with my closest friends in boston – a couple of them were volunteering, some were getting their masters in teaching, and i met an awesome girl who i would eventually meet up with in the philippines when i was living there. ’cause well, she was coordinating a volunteer program for her organization too! so good. AND we all played bowl of nouns without end. 🙂 i heart my social-justice minded, faithful, fun, supportive, loving friends! social workers, teachers, campus ministers, good people. seriously.

two years ago, i spent easter on an 8-day silent retreat in baguio, and got super ill during the holy triduum days (thursday, friday, and saturday), super ill. like, i remember thinking, “Lord, seriously? I’m trying to be all prayerful here during this superrrr ‘holy’ time, and I’m lying in bed, SICK and nauseous?” i remember during that time, we were in prayer, and then it was snack time, and i’m like, dang. all i really want is a banana (i needed potassium, clearly!) and they did not have many bananas readily available for the first five days, and whadda ya know…that day for snack, we had bananas! talk about GRACE FROM GOD!

i then remember ditching the silent retreat in a taxi…yup, totally did it (super rebel, i know), went to town, bought pedialyte and had the kitchen staff store it for me in the refrigerator. AND i ate all of the biscuits and crackers they had available (it was all i could eat. boo.) the staff was so nice – i think they caught on that i was deathly ill (pretty much) and they kept giving me crackers. as much as i wanted to keep it on the down-low, i think i gave myself away when i started to crouch down during the stations of the cross. my stomach was hurting, and my priest was like, “crystal. stop fasting – go eat something!” i was like, i was definitely not fasting. my stomach was just hurting! haha, i think that was the problem. something did not sit right with my stomach. 🙁

sure enough…after taking medicine instructions that i received from my doctor via text message (what up PI), i started to feel better…when? Easter Vigil Mass! YAY! Hallelujah is right!

and last year, i spent easter on a five-day silent retreat in cavite – i decided to be all nature-like and rough-it a little bit…met one of the most amazing priests ever – pretty much, my male missionary twin, even though he’s in his 80’s…he reminded me of mr. miyagi…it was a silent retreat in a large communal room with like thirty other occupants? yup. totally. it was great! pretty sure the last night after easter vigil mass, i kept up the entire room cause i just kept laughing and telling stories. SO fun! because it was a silent retreat until the last evening, they were all trippin’ out because they heard me speaking and realized i was a fil-am from california. haha, it was funny.

and this year…i’ll be in DC with my cousin, andrew. he’s our favorite librarian. hope there’s cherry blossoms!

yay easter!