awaken me!

awaken me!


my spiritual director introduced this prayer to me (by Joyce Rupp!) and every time we pray it at our meetings, i love it! each time i pray this prayer, it seems like a different stanza sticks out to me in such a poignant way. therefore, this is a GREAT prayer in my life. and that is the Holy Spirit for you.


The Fruits of the Spirit 
– Joyce Rupp

Surprising One, coming in ways I least expect,
Open me to your Dynamic presence.
Awaken me, Surprising One!

Perceptive Guide, always available to direct my ways,
Advice me in self-discipline and decision-making.
Awaken me, Perceptive Guide!

Freedom Bringer, asking for my willingness to surrender,
Help me to leg to, to let in, to let be.
Awaken me, Freedom Bringer!

Source of Power, providing stamina and strength for my soul,
Support me when I am weak and vulnerable.
Awaken me, Source of Power!

Arousing One, stirring up what is dead or stale,
Urge my stagnant, sleeping gifts into life.
Awaken me, Arousing One!

Divine Transformer, encouraging continued growth,
Grant me both patience and acceptance.
Awaken me, Divine Transformer!

Peacemaker, offering forgiveness and understanding,
Encourage me to communicate with love.
Awaken me, Peacemaker!

Bearer of Love, never-ending font of charity and compassion,
May I share my goodness generously.
Awaken me, Bearer of Love! 


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