grateful heart

grateful heart


so my sister came to visit me in baguio city last week, and wow, i think it was quite the experience for her. an experience in the sense that i think my stressing out stressed her out, she experienced the “community” way of life, she experienced the ins and outs of working as a catechist in and out of various barangays (teaching the rosary in the morning, then going to another barangay to teach confirmation in the afternoon, etc..), she learned how to jump on and off of jeepneys, and she also experienced the less than super smooth cab rides….BUT..the accomplishment for her, is that she survived a week. yes, that is an accomplishment. 🙂 i was proud of her!

let me elaborate…

so when my friend ali visited, she had a lot of experience doing mission work and everything, so she naturally came along with me visiting all the children and teaching catechism just as i do. my sister has volunteered at various places in the past, but nothing like the life that i live here in baguio city – so i think it was somewhat of a culture shock for her too…in every way possible, and there was no time to stop and breathe. we were on the go, or situated someplace with an agenda…:) such is the way of my life!

in reflecting on my sister’s visit to the PI, it was an affirmation to me of the definition of “vocation” and how, truly, we have all been given different gifts and talents to serve others. my sister is a nurse by profession, and wow, after trying that route for a year in biology at USD, i knew immediately that was NOT meant for me. and she’s a great nurse – but not me. i can’t do it, no way! but for me, her visit really made me even more secure in my life and way of living as a missioner here in baguio city.

i enjoy the fast-paced, when the times call for it…no, i don’t enjoy the stress, but sometimes that comes along with working in a culture that is not 100% familiar to me and when i am working within systems that don’t exactly go according to MY plan and when things are not as efficient as i feel that they could be…but it took me a really long time to finally accept and get used to it. in this over a year that i have been here in baguio city, i have learned what to make a big deal, what not to make a big deal, and i also learned a lot about my boundaries and limits. at the same time, while i struggle with patience as an enneagram proclaimed, 8, being a “gut” person, i think i have also come to learn patience and deepen my “patience” characteristic…which helped me be more patient with my sister’s visit too.

but, her visit really made me think, wow, i am so grateful for vocation – that some things are really so apparent, and that i have been gifted with this way of life, and that God has given me opportunities to live out my call to serve and love others. her visit made me more grateful for my vocation, and i think this experience also challenged her ways of thinking and operating also. so her visit was most definitely a win/win situation. especially in the sense that it was so good to spend time with her here in baguio city! 🙂 it was nice to share this experience with her, despite any struggles that may have been presented. it was all a part of it!

after i dropped off my sister at the victory bus terminal yesterday, i reflected on her visit and thought to myself what one of the sisters from vocation week told me last year – “the harvest is rich, but the workers are few.” it was a beautiful sunny day in town, after dropping off my sister, and i just thought, “thank you Jesus for continually revealing to me the things that give me joy – all steps towards becoming who it is that God created me to be!”

i think the flip side of that moment that i had that morning, is that in the evening during prayer, i learned it was the feast of st. luke, and what was the gospel on? exactly that! it was the gospel according to luke, when Jesus said, “The harvest is rich but the workers are few; therefore ask the harvest-master to send workers to his harvest. Be on your way, and remember: i am sending you as lambs in the mist of wolves.”

God has been really good about sending me signs and messages through my day. i see it as constant affirmation that i am exactly where He wants me to be for now…i think the challenge is really ultimately getting to the point of total surrender and trust in Him…he’s gotten me this far – what makes me think He will stop now? or later?

everyday i pray that i may continue to say YES to Jesus…and well, just see where that takes me. 🙂


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