mission on paper

mission on paper

inside maryknoll’s museum of living mission (ossining, NY)

as part of my preparation for my two-year mission in the philippines, i got to attend MISO (maryknoll international service orientation) held in ossining, NY (the headquarters of maryknoll). there, i got to join with other missioners/volunteers from other programs. during the program we got to have much reflection time, and much of my time i spent in the maryknoll museum of mission. i was able to capture some of the quotes on the awesome peace pole, but not all of em, and so for that, i was kinda disappointed!

BUT! about 2ish/3 months ago, one of my friends, anthony (maryknoll “explore my mission” video contest winner in 2009) was able to hang out with the two recent winners of the “explore my mission” contest up at the headquarters, and did me a huge favor and got me all the quotes.

and so, here they are (they are that good, that i never forgot about their existence! and made sure i got them sooner or later, somehow!):

“Change all your energies, all your potential, into selfless gifts for the other person. So be converted to love everyday.”

“The matter of missions….lies at the very essence of catholicity”

“I choose to do God’s work for the countless people overlooked, overworked and forgotten.”

“A missioner goes to a place where he is needed but not wanted, and stays until he is wanted but not needed.”

“Mission is the search and encounter for the meaning of life”

“Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation. Mark 16:15”

“A life of service and uttermost simplicity is the best preaching”

“Mission is to go to a no-place, to serve God’s no bodies and, in the eyes of the world, to accomplish no-thing. In this, may we realize we are at the center of what time, meaning and history are all about.”

“Mission is like breathing-there are times when God draws us in and times when God sends us out.”

“The missionary vocation is a grace from God empowering me to give witness to the divine compassion, which invites all to the abundance of life”

“The life and vocation of a missionary brother is not complicated. He is called to service, hospitality and prayer.”

“Our vocation is to cooperate with the Holy spirit in renewing the face of the earth.”

“As a missioner, I try to draw others close to god, but the truth is that they’re the ones who evangelize me.”

“We are all called to mission.”

“As long as someone in the world lacks food, our daily eucharist is incomplete.”

“If we really understand love-love taught to us by God in Jesus- will we not lay down our very lives for others?”

“Is not thus giving of self to others for gods sake the purpose of Christian living?”

“Work on the missions demands that you undergo a martyrdom- if not a real one, at least a living on.”

“While my faith doesn’t change, its cultural expression may. This is part of being a missioner.”

…and we can also thank him for getting me the Maryknoll reflection books – daily inspiration, some daily prayers and anytime prayers, Maryknoll produces some really amazing mission material. 🙂

here’s a video i also made from that experience (enjoy!) :


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