this is what my mission looks like.

this is what my mission looks like.


coming back from world youth day, we got to share our experiences with the children of SOSCFI…we got to teach the children this fun action song that one of the cabrini pilgrims from argentina taught us (it was super fun when we did it altogether in spain!) and so therefore, of course we had to teach it to the children at SOSCFI! and then, we taught them “firmes en la fe,” the WYD Madrid Theme Song!

here’s the video:

with mother cabrini’s feast day coming up in november, i thought it would also be important to bring up three key facts of mother cabrini – and the three words/phrases i came up with to teach them about were: violets, mission, and the sacred heart of jesus…

violets: super symbolic because as a child, little francisca cabrini would put violets in little boats in the water and say, these are missionaries that are going to spread the love of God all over the world…beginning with china. 🙂 ok, maybe those weren’t her exact words, but that was her intent with the violets!
mission: mother cabrini set up 67 missions around the world. she was so mission-oriented, she founded a missionary order. 🙂 everything about mother cabrini is mission. to be a bearer of the love of Christ!
the sacred heart of jesus: mother cabrini had a strong devotion to the sacred heart of jesus. so much that she founded the missionary sisters of the sacred heart of jesus. so beautiful!

and so, i wrote the words/phrases on paper, explained them and stuck them on the wall right next to the countries where the cabrini pilgrims came from. 🙂

Norlyn, one of the WYD pilgrims, sharing her experience with SOSCFI!
Mary Grace, another WYD pilgrim, teaching SOSCFI how to pray the rosary

the exercise we did at WYD for our cabrini family formation included virtues, names, phrases all affiliated with mother cabrini, and we all talked about their significance. the papers had the words/phrases face down, and then individuals were asked to randomly uncover the words. it was silent as this was going on, as if it was suspense to see what the word/phrase would be! 🙂

something that i found beautiful during that exercise was that, the mother cabrini facts and the stories i knew about her, were exactly the same as what the other cabrini pilgrims learned about mother cabrini in their own countries. the facts, the stories, the charism, is strong and rich all across the missions – near and far. THAT was beautiful.

complete with singing, laughing, smiles, sharing faith journeys/stories, talking/teaching about mother cabrini, sharing mission and experiences, and feeling super energized throughout it all, this is what my mission looks like. 🙂 enjoy!


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