stop the demand.

stop the demand.

the campaign of UNANIMA International

happy first week of advent everyone!

the MSCs (missionary sisters of the sacred heart of jesus) are actively involved with UNANIMA International, seeking to bring an end to human trafficking, among other injustices that steal the human dignity of our brothers and sisters all around the world.
every week during advent, they will be providing advent prayers/reflections, so that we, as a community, may help bring an end to such injustices. together, let us not lose hope, but have faith, and pray for an end to this.
here is an excerpt from the prayer/reflection for the first week of advent:
My father loved me and my step-mother detested me.  After my father died my step-mother withdrew me from school. She used to beat me on a regular basis, so I ran away when was twelve. I got a job in a maternity hospital and fell in love with Bishal. Bishal introduced me to some men and they said they would take me to Darjeeling. When we arrived in Darjeeling, Bishal put me in a dark room and I never saw him again. I was told he sold me for 90,000 rupees.

The very next day I was put to work in the brothel from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. On the average I had 20 clients a day.  If I refused to work, I was severely beaten. Condoms were not often used and I became pregnant. The madam forced me to abort when I was seven months pregnant. I had a lot of bleeding after the operation but I still had to work and entertain the customers or I was not given anything to eat.

You may find the complete 1st Week of Advent Prayer here.

Learn more about UNANIMA International here.


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