mission of grace it is.

mission of grace it is.


so, i’ve just been getting a lot of good energy lately. i know it is all grace, but i don’t know if i’ve just been surrounding myself with good people, or if God is sending good people to come to me…but there’s just a lot of goodness being sent my way. 🙂

things to be thankful for:

i felt affirmed yesterday, when i had a great time leading bible study for the parents yesterday at the cathedral. they opened up, i was able to speak substantial tagalog, they were receptive, and at the end, they were thanking me for being there, and they said they were so grateful that i get to teach them and spend time with them. i just couldn’t believe i could lead bible studies with the amount of tagalog i know….such a blessing! THEN, they said their children would come home on saturday afternoons, after spending their mornings with us at SOSCFI, and tell them how nice ate crystal was, and how they are excited about the choir!

i got to play piano yesterday – while i was waiting for my uncle, i saw a piano in the entrance before the rectory, and i asked if i could play…and so i did! YES.

i learned how to make guava jelly yesterday in our kitchen with the girls i live with…and i fell in love with the smell of guava! as much as i love eating papaya, i don’t love the smell or the aftertaste. haha!

my birthday is coming up, and i’ve already been getting greetings! especially from one of my missionary friends in ethiopia! 🙂

i got to meet family i never knew i had…yessss!

my friend, helena, from st. monica’s (in LA) called me, since she is in baguio!

i got to skype with my sister, ali p and get the latest 🙂

there’s a lot of good going on, and a lot to be thankful for, despite challenges and the hardships, and daily struggles.

crystal is thankful.


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