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Day: August 18, 2010

dancing with joy

dancing with joy

jesus too, had to say many goodbyes, as he embarked on his mission – leaving family and friends, but wholeheartedly trusting in God. and so, here i go…baguio city, here i come!

here’s the plan: 16 hours to get to manila (incl. stopover), arrive in manila late in the evening, stay at a rectory, hop on a bus and head over to baguio. and so, here we go!!

i’ll let you know when i am all situated in baguio city – thank goodness i’m travelling with sr. bernadette! she will for sure be a key player in my life overseas. this is a blessing.

thank you family and friends for all of your support, love, and encouragement, through the past week especially! my eyes are heavy from saying goodbye, and my heart is heavy too – but more on the good side 🙂 just so much goodness has been filtered and thrown my way, i could not be more thankful! this is certainly a new chapter in my life, and i am glad to have each and every person with me on the journey.

ask and you will receive – i can’t believe i’ve been given this opportunity and this grace-filled blessing, to serve in the philippines with the cabrini sisters. SUCH goodness! YAY!

…mass in the AM, pick up my cousins, airport time, saying goodbye time, then departure!! in which case, i will HOPEFULLY sleep the ENTIRE time. 🙂