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Day: August 10, 2010

…not just my mission.

…not just my mission.

it started with coupons, selling coupons, then it became my cubicle being wallpapered with inspirational quotes and bible verses, then it became my cubicle being covered with pictures of past mission trips to the philippines, and filipino children, and the next thing you know, i discovered what you could possibly name, “a calling.” actually, yes, that’s what it was…and the next thing you know, i had a story to share.

i think everyone always has a story to share (to speak in cliches), but, this time, this was a super cool spiritual story, a super real one too. and the next thing you know, i lived in new york for the past year, lived with a community of other missionaries who have become my sisters, and actual Cabrini sisters, and the next thing you know, i discerned, and will be moving to the philippines in about 8 days. what the!

and the next thing you know, i had the opportunity to share this with my parish! and what a weekend of church, it was! and i have mother cabrini and the holy spirit to thank!

i was speaking with some parishioners from my church, and i spoke with one of the priests, and he said, you know, you should really share your story. and sooo, i actually procrastinated on moving on that piece of advice/comment, and so i went for it, asked, and the next thing you know, i was speaking at each of the masses! it was such a wonderful experience, and i could not be more thankful for the attentiveness and genuine support and care that the congregation gave to me.

it was funny, cause they were thanking me, and congratulating me, and really, i was just like, no, thank YOU, and more than anything, i just really wanted to share my story, and hopefully share with others, that no matter where we are in life, there is a mission/call that we each have, and the beautiful thing it, is that we get to try to discover what that is everyday, and truly, truly experience that as it takes shape! how awesome!

it was cool cause i met a bunch of mother cabrini devotees, i got to tell some people about her miracles, i got to direct people to 190th street, and how they need to visit her shrine in NY, haha, AND i got to share with them stories about how much i loved living with my community. it was so nice! they actually cared, and stuck around and listened. 🙂 i was happy in that i got to hand out a discernment prayer from mother cabrini, and people were so grateful. i also met this woman whose grandfather would tell her about mother cabrini, cause he helped build the hospital in chicago and said mother cabrini was a busy, busy bee, and always running around from one place to another. i laughed, and it was funny because it reminded me of some of the sisters, and how they are always running around from place to place.

all in all, it was such a great experience! i made a huge posterboard with pictures, just to show more visuals, and it was appreciated by the parish. so i hope mother Cabrini was happy, and i feel like she’s even more busy because i was kinda telling people how they need to ask her for help, cause as the patronness of immigrants, she will hook it up, for sure. 🙂


i was explaining to some parishioners how i sucked at sales when i sold coupons, but this time, i could talk about this stuff for hours, because i really enjoyed it, and though i’m not SUPER knowledgeable about theology and all that good stuff, i can at least talk about practical stuff, like, living mission…haha, one of the parishioners shared with me, and laughed, cause he felt the same when he was selling insurance. he said he sold zero policies, then when he started selling sports equipment, he kicked butt. and so, it is so so so so so true! gotta believe in what you’re doing…and that stuck with me. 🙂 and i’m happy about what i’m doing, so i think that’s a good sign.

and now, with less than 8 days till i board a plane leaving for the philippines, i’m more than grateful for the support from my community here in laguna. woohooo!!!