caramel gets me every time.

caramel gets me every time.


soooo my mom bought caramel delites – the girl scout cookies. i don’t think i’ve ever had them before in my life – i’m aware of samoas and trefoils and the tagalongs and like everything else…but never the caramel delites! anyway, they’re so delicious that i had probably like 12 or 15 of them since i’ve been home. my mom specifically bought me these cookies.

BOOM. that’s the problem. they’re cookies!! totally gave it up for lent, and totally forgot. HAHAHA, oops? and if i recall, i definitely had some cookies at columbus that the sisters had bought too.

i feel like because they don’t look like typical chocolate chip cookies or typical snickerdoodles that so normally catch my eye and tastebuds, that’s why i didn’t even think twice about the fact that they ARE cookies. ugh, but really?

haha, but now i know. so now, i wait. hmph! project lenten sacrifice fail. typical – i WOULD give in to the cookies. on accident though. 🙂

that is my confession.


One thought on “caramel gets me every time.

  1. 🙂 Love you, Crys! Thank you for being you!

    -Michelle (Posting under “Anonymous” because I can’t figure out how to post otherwise…)

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