through the branches

through the branches


though i have asked mary multiple times, and she has repeatedly explained the answer to me that same number of times, i still struggle with it. here goes: why is it that though it is sunny….it is FREEZING outside? i don’t get it!! haha that has been quite the struggle, and the fact is that indeed, this is possible. instead of busting out my rainbows like i’m used to doing when the sun is shining, instead, i’m wearing my uggs. there is something so wrong here! especially with the fact that i am bundled up with my little coat, scarf, arm warmers, and gloves. excellent.

much has happened since the last time i actually had time to sit down and blog…all has been so good, and very much grace-filled. i am continually fed, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and in every possible way, with my mission here in new york. the struggles end up becoming filled with grace, and the moments of grace are inexplainably wonderful.

i go home in less than a week, and it is crazy to see how fast time flies. crazy to realize that in less than a week, i will be on a plane, not headed to new york, but indeed headed back home to orange county, to see my family, sugar, spice, snoopy, and all my friends. i absolutely LOVE it! all i know is that me, jess, and ry are super excited to go back home to orange county, lounge on our couches at home, and eat all the in-n-out that we want. it will definitely be a breath of fresh air, and yet i feel like vacation always comes at a good time. it is interesting to think of, however, where i will be a year from today. where will i be? sure i have an idea, but at the end of the day, the God of surprises has yet to make that known to me, and watch me move in my life too.

it has been quite the past few weeks, where i had the experience of going to a a show where an opera singer sang motown songs, sitting through voidwell with JD, going to a matisyahu concert, walking around strand bookstore looking at interesting photobooks, dancing for 3 hours straight and loving every bit of it (let loose!), visiting kco’s apartment finally, cookies with JD, endless nights and spontaneous dropins at amy’s to see ryan, discovery at grand central, hangin out with jackie in the city, seeing Jesus in places i never thought possible, putting together my first artificial christmas tree, playing keyboard in my room until all hours of the night, jumping up out of bed and busting into a dance, and loving time spent with m&m…it has all been good.

i can see it now. when i get to church, people will ask me, as they have already been asking my mom, “how is crystal?” and my mom always gives the same answer i feel, ” she’s great! she loves it. ” haha, it will be interesting and quite curious to see what responses i get back from everyone, but handling those questions in the two seconds that people may mildly be interested for, may be quite the task. i will just rope them in…maybe tell them a few stories or so in 2 minutes. i’ll see if i can do it. 🙂

saying something as simple as, ” it has been amazing and wonderful ! ” does not nearly capture the experience in the tiniest bit, but i pray that God may give me the vocabulary that i need to do my best when talking to the curious. haha 🙂 oh my life…it is good.

listen to my heart…that’s what i gotta do…trust in the Lord, he is good. i believe it.

looking forward to spiritual direction tonight, and dancing. FOR SURE. 🙂


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