sunshine, sunshine!

sunshine, sunshine!


…and i’m back! mary, michelle and i went to wickatunk, new jersey, with the good shepherd volunteers for a retreat on Community. we did our Orienatation Retreat with the GSV kids, and so it was wonderful to be together with them again on our Community Retreat! The LA girls even got to come out, and that was awesome! except for the fact that i snore, like, bad, like, uncontrollably…mwahahaha! well, i got good sleep 🙂

something great that i learned one retreat was really taking into account, “reverencing the individual.” what does it really mean to look at and cherish each person as God sees them? yeah, of course, it is difficult to do that, especially when someone has done wrong onto me, or if they have done something wrong to someone that i care about, but really reverencing and respecting the individual and their choices. AND their choices!

something that was very much reinforced pretty much in every community is that every person has different needs. what does that really mean? some people need more alone time than others, some people need to get away at times (ex. me – i get bored really easily, so i always need to be doing something!), and etc. the different needs vary, but it is important to reverence that and hold that person still with respect and seek understanding in those situations. having open communication is key. if as a community, we can not be honest about things, that is where difficulty and strife may come in. that is when conflicts may arise.

it is such a blessing to be able to talk with michelle and mary about anything, like, ANYTHING. and THAT is a great, great thing! i would not want it any other way 🙂 woohooo! so it was a success. and we had a wonderful presence of the Spirit, especially with the saturday night prayer service that we got to lead! woohoo! oh such good things come when we take the opportunity to affirm one another!

soo…yeah, it is a grey day today, and it looks like it will be raining soon. the sister is coming to dinner tonight, as she will be leaving on saturday for hawaii!! she’s moving to hawaii!!! how crazy is that? oh, but God is good and got her a job out there. so that is wonderful! i watched “the santa clause” today at the convent and ate m&ms, while spending some time on the couch. it was so great to just chill for a little bit…haha like, a good hour. it was very much needed. 🙂

sisters are so lovely! yay! oh Lord, you are so good to me!

one month from yesterday…i’ll be home! woot woot! 🙂 get excited!! YAY!


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