the trees are not green anymore!

the trees are not green anymore!


what do i spend my time doing? it’s a long day at school, then dinner and prayer, and then more prayer through my ignatian spirituality retreat that i am currently on right now…yup! only about 8 and a half more months to go! and what a blessing it has already been thus far.

i am spending my time receiving graces – those i am aware of and those i am not. i spend my time doing things i love, and i am having fun doing them. no it’s not always a blast grading papers, but it is extremely insightful when i get to read my students’ reflections on the daily journal topics i give them…”what is your greatest passion in life? How can you use that to serve others and how does it nourish you?” or ” what is your favorite song to listen to at any time of the day? Why does it inspire you?” yes folks, welcome to health class. 🙂

i am finding it extremely important to give my students this time at the beginning of every class, to journal…journal about whatever topic i see moving in my life, and therefore, decide to share with them. i have recently been getting a lot of questions from students as to why i am here, “what, miss? you don’t get paid?” …and then i get a lot of, “you’re from california? you were living the life! why would you want to move to new york?” …and then, there goes the explanation that i am so accustomed to giving, but each time, it is more and more reaffirming to me, as to why i am here – not that i need it, but it is always nice to verbalize the plans that God has had for me so far in this life i am living 🙂

yesterday was vocations day and it was a meaningful time for me, probably because the words, vocation and discernment have remained top of mind for the past many months…but i got to meet the franciscan sisters of the renewal and i spent some time with the MSCs of course. i wondered what i was like in high school – did i even care about this stuff? did it even make sense to me? so in the class period that i substitiuted for yesterday, we spent time processing the day. what did they like, what didn’t they like? what do they think about vocation? the word, “calling” is a very difficult and big word to grasp i think, so it’s easier if we can break it down for the students a little bit. it was very informative for me, and it made me think of what the religious life would look like in the years to come…hmm…

everyone has been sick, and that has been unfortunate. the subways are even a little flu-infested, which is not the best situation, especially since i am trying my very best to stay away from all things that are potentially related to getting sick. the change in weather is not helpful, but i try to stay covered from like head to toe with some type of scarf or jacket or garment situation that would protect myself!

my days are filled with grace and peace, and solitude is nice too. be true to who i am, and know what my needs are – it’s all very healthy for me, especially with me learning more about myself in my time here in new york. my friend asked me how i like new york so far, and i said..i love it! no pause or anything, i just simply love it! the environment is easy i think. i think it is the internal thoughts and processing of each day that proves some of the challenges in being a missioner. there’s a lot of contemplation, a lot of reflection, and a lot of time to do so – well maybe not really, but it is important that i take the time. perhaps the contemplation and reflection is just me, because i tend to self-reflect a lot, but i think it’s healthy for who i am as a person, and it’s something that i am given time to do – especially on the subways! such valuable time!

the holiday season is just around the corner, and with that comes exciting times. life is good. 🙂 and God is even better!


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