it’s a great day to be alive! :)

it’s a great day to be alive! :)


” mom, it’s so cold here! it’s like freezing!”
” oh, well maybe you should just come home then!”
– HAHA…and there is my mom for you! Gotta love it!

But truly, it is pretty cold – my thumb pads are starting to get dry. i didn’t even know that was possible! apparently it’s snowing in boston, and my friends are not liking it too much. i don’t think i would either. it’s only october! i didn’t know this was in the plan. at all. haha

the past couple of days have been great – busy, but good. i’ve started to explore the best times of the day for me to take time to reflect for my ignatian spirituality retreat…journaling has been great, and i just got a francis cabrini candle that i bought at the shrine 🙂 i’m pretty excited about it! yay! oohh and robin gave me a keyboard of hers that i can use to practice for the assembly’s mass! yay! i started playing it last night and it was so good. i mean, ok, it’s not the same as a piano, and it’s quite restrictive since i’ll want to play with a couple more octaves, but what i have is wonderful. such a blessing. haha 🙂

crystal definitely needs to start going to yoga again. it’s a must that has to happen. it will definitely be one of my goals that i have for myself.

we had bowling night the other night with the sisters as part of the cabrini fundraiser, and i can not even begin to mention to you how much fun it was! mary kicked butt and she was pretty amazing, AND there was a super cool streak when mary got a strike, then i did, and then mary did again, and then i did again, and then michelle got a strike – it was classic. wonderful! bowling with the sisters is a great time, and i know you’re jealous. 🙂 oh so good.

the other night we discovered a place where you get a free personal pizza when you buy a drink. talk about awesome. YEAH that’s what it was! it’s been quite the week and tonight we are going down to sacred heart to see the sisters from philly (yay!), then busting out a little retreat for the prayer leaders, gonna hang out with some friends later that night, then leaving for philly for the assembly! YAY! it’s going to be a good one! i see it coming 🙂

yipppee! mind/character/heart/soul …life is good.


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  1. Nice post! Especially cuz it was on my bday =]

    Look forward to the cold weather. It’s the only time when you can just relax with a nice cup of hot chocolate under a warm blanket, only to feel all your worries just wash away.

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