going faster than a rollercoaster…

going faster than a rollercoaster…


Indeed, I am still alive and still actively wandering the streets of new york city. Sometimes I don’t even know where the days go, and I seem to have lost track, multiple times throughout the span of even a mere hour. I have learned to start crossing the streets while changing a song on my ipod, and texting a friend, and last night, even though I was late in meeting Ryan due to the L train being held up on the track (someone fainted on the train), I still managed to help someone find their way to upper Manhattan.

All he said was, hablas espanol? And boom, I tried the best I could to get him to where he needed to be. As if I knew how to even use the train systems, taking into account transfers and all this NYC subway stuff, I succeeded, and he finished the conversation and said thank you, by giving me a high five. It was sweet! I was nice…I even exited the subway station with him and told him how many blocks and what direction to go in to get the train he needed. Yay!

I then proceeded to the lower east side with ryan– the typical pianos, and of course, the Bryant park hotel where Jose hooked us up. Yeah, it was a great night of burning off calories. That’s for sure. Two stamps, a sharpee figure of a couple of jumbled hearts, and a glow in the dark x. memories.

The weather is unpredictable, as are the different people I see everyday. I will walk, and sometimes stare at people, in pure curiosity, wondering where they came from, and why their faces look the way they do – some look real sad, some look real happy, and others just are. I would love to know what everyone is thinking in their own heads…on the subway, in the park, and in alphabet city. I mean, what percentage of these people actually live in new york?

I am looking forward for my ministry to actually start, especially in the school setting. There is a lot going on this year, and it will all happen just as it should, but it is a very restless time while I am in the waiting period until the students have their butts in seats.

Going to mass tonight in harlem was something that I definitely needed. It was wonderful to be with Kristen again and to debrief about life, and love and why. Having a familiar face, and hearing stories of her GSV experiences, it’s all good and great, and I am so lucky to have her here. We walked through the campus of Columbia, and it was just interesting to be on a college campus again. THOSE were the days.

Oh life…there’s so much going on…what’s next?


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  1. Hey! Heard from your mom you’re doing great.

    You should encourage your mom to learn how to surf the “Internets” so that she could read your blog. I’m sure she’d love to read it.

    Keep on rollin’!

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