on and off the mat…

on and off the mat…


i was in my favorite pose…happy baby…and i realized that i am here. AHHH i’m here!!! haha it was one of those moments when I was looking forward, holding onto my feet and I was looking at all of the people doing the same, and I was like, whoa. I’m here. Sooo yay! I did it! I went to my first yoga class here in new york…I absolutely loved it, and it was such a good feeling. getting back into my flow and having my body and my mind be present on the mat, it was absolutely amazing. exactly what I needed…all at the right time. thank you JESUS. 🙂 and I got some good prayer time in too. that’s always a plus. for sure!

AND best part…it’s only 20 minutes away from me, walking distance!! what is that! yeah, that’s right. amazing, that’s what it is!

sooo needless to say it was pretty much perfect being at yoga today…and ryan met me, and I was with michelle. It was golden! met up with ryan and jess today with the girls and we walked all through Chelsea pretty much. So good! something that I am loving is that everything is walking distance. I am totally taking advantage of this whole walking situation and have yet to experience a subway – the mode of transportation that is. after the past 4 weeks of living like a retreatant, it is time for me to detox my body in the best way I can…soooo gotta exercise. like a lot. shoot.

a lot of today has been walking, and as a result, a lot of today has been a lot of me walking and thinking that wow, this will be my next year. I think because the next couple of weeks will be downtime before I actually start teaching, I am trying to take advantage of this free time as much as possible…meaning, go out, and enjoy the new york streets before I start lugging around student papers and a pack of chalk. yeah, chalk! for the chalkboards.

Tonight we ate burgers for dinner, along with some corn and beans. Yeah, haha beans. After every dinner Monday through Friday, the sisters and us, three missioners, have community prayer night…I have to say that this was probably the most powerful experience that has happened to me in the past two days that I have been here at the convent. Here in our community, we have the awesome, beautiful blessing of having the blessed sacrament available to us at all times. I know where the key is…which means, that’s all I need to know! if I want to have adoration…I can do it!! Woohoo! How many people can say that they have it downstairs from them? Well let me tell you…I do! 🙂 during prayer, when we had Jesus exposed, I was just like, wow, I am so blessed to be here, and wow. It was absolutely amazing. No words…just the realization that it is in our house, I was just like, wow, I think I am going to love eating dinner with the sisters, then having prayer. Their company is truly amazing. I am always laughing and having a great time. They are such characters! The spirituality is real, and it is felt and received with such graciousness in my heart. So good 🙂

Afterwards, me and michelle swept the front of our house. Haha it was so funny because we were straight up like out of mary poppins with our brooms. There was a guy that stared at the convent for a little bit…he like paused in front, analyzed for a little bit, and he walked by, and I was like, hi! do you have a question? and he’s like, nope, this is a beautiful house. It is well built. And I was just like, wow, yes…it is. A rock of faith baby! And then I had ice cream with everyone else inside. It was a good time. This, my friends, was a beautiful day. 🙂

Question: do they call you sister crystal?
Answer: NO. heck no. SHOOT.

** Mark! Thanks for the comments! You’re awesome!


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