miz c…role play time!!

miz c…role play time!!


and yet it has happened again. i sat up in bed, and twisted my back – crack, crack. YUP. my back hurts. the bed didn’t break, don’t worry. SHOOT. they don’t have pillowtop mattresses here. but they do have air conditioning. and a shower that i can barely fit in. but it’s good. haha and they also have good food. we’ve been commuting from the seminary over to the st. ignatius school for some teacher training. second day almost done!

today we learned how to set the tone for the first day of school, set the guidelines, and bust out meaningful procedures for our students. luckily i’m with 10th graders, so i don’t think it will be TOO hard for them to follow directions. at least, i sure hope not. shoot, the biggest struggle will be me NOT saying shoot, girl, and dang, and don’t forget, ghetto, and i gotta make sure i pronounce their names right after the first day of school. haha, we role played, and i did well! 🙂 YUP, totally different from role playing a coupon machine or a door hanger program to clients. those two words have haunted me for the past two years, and for the first time, i am finally almost 100% comfortable with that situation…maybe cause it is a completely different world. we have entered a whole new genre and way of living here folks. oohh soo good.

i just took a strengths finder test ( i think i took this for RA training too ) and i am an activator, empathy, individualization is important to me, woo, and connectedness. yeah – totally good ones, i’m happy about that. HAHA.

sooo that is that. dinner tonight then some game on race and culture. SHOULD be interesting. hahaha! anyway, i still get a kick out of myself, and i think people are having fun too, except we are all mildly feeling a bit of cabin fever action. bachelorette night on plush couches was fun, and last night we discovered that pretty much the majority of the girls like to date guys NOT their same race. haha, i guess that’s just how things work around here…it’s a small world, after all!

sooo, with THAT bein said, my name is going to be miss catalan to my students. i feel like that’s like 4 syllables too many, so we’re definitely busting out the miss C action…so i think it will be MIZ C. hahaha…and then if they wanna be fiesty about it, they’ll call me missy. but i will stress the importance of NOT doing that, otherwise crystal will respond with loving anger. YUP. soooo there we go. enjoy your day, and think of some “getting to know each other” games for my 10th graders. thanks.

i’m gonna be teacherrrr!! and a campus minister!!! woot woot!!


One thought on “miz c…role play time!!

  1. Hehe you actually wrote ‘woot’.

    Looks like your spirits are high! Keep it up! We’ll be ‘wooting’ for you over here!

    Couple of things:
    1) You can try saying, “Oh snap!” instead of “Shoot”.
    2) Stick with “Miss Catalan”; sounds about right
    3) Getting to know each other games:
    – “Four is the magic number”
    e.g. 18 goes to 8; 8 goes to 5; 5 goes to 4; 4 is the magic number
    – “Harry Potter game”
    e.g. Harry Potter likes Pepper, but not Salt; Harry Potter likes Green but not Red; Harry Potter likes desserts but not deserts

    Keep on truckin’, Teach =]

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