on this day.

It’s pretty shocking when I think about how on this day, for the past three years, I was in a different geographic location. Such a random thing to blog about, but as I reflect on my journey up to where I am now, I think about all of the different touchpoints which have had significance […]

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what do i know?

There is certainly a vulnerability in not knowing. Today I finished my second class: Economics of Developing Countries. While there was an emphasis on economics (obviously), the greater lessons which I found was with the application of these facts and discussions. No doubt the economy plays a huge role with development in the most vulnerable […]

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MA in Life

  Love people. Today I finished my second day of formal classes in my MA program. Ah! In some ways, I’m still shocked that I even started this new journey, but the grace is that I finally met my cohort, and the group of students ahead of me who are starting their second year (a […]

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